Located on the Pappilanjoki River in Hämeenkyrö, Frantsilan Kehäkukka is the most popular travelling destination in Hämeenkyrö. In this beautiful, old school building, built in 1875, you can find a charming café, a vegetarian restaurant furnished in a rustic style, and a herb and gift shop, stocked with genuine Finnish products all year round. Frantsila Kehäkukka’s savoury vegetarian pastries and lovely organic berry pies served with brewed herbal tea or coffee attract friends of delicacies all year round.
The vitality of the Finnish summer is stored in bags, jars and bottles, to be used as food and natural medicine. Our selection includes all products of the Frantsila organic herb farm, and our staff provides expert guidance. A 40-seat riverside terrace, glass beehive, Hämeenkyröstä Käsin Puotihuone boutique and various art exhibits all add to the cosy atmosphere of Frantsila. All of Frantsila’s organic products can also be found on our online store.
During summer months the garden is also home to a sample garden of 300 herbs, handicrafts shops, Hämeenkyrö traveling info and it is the home port of M/S Purimo.
All of the above are located right by highway 3, at the centre of Hämeenkyrö, 35 kilometers towards Vaasa from Tampere.

Frantsila Kehäkukka Cafe, Shop and Restaurant
Yrjö-Koskisentie 1
39100 Hämeenkyrö
tel +358-3-3714637
email: asiakaspalvelu@frantsilankehakukka.fi

Frantsila Organic Herb Farm
tel 358-3-343 5500
fax 358-3-343 5569
e-mail: frantsila.luomu@frantsila.com

Frantsila Well-being Centre
39100 Hämeenkyrö
tel +358-40-5918742
email: aija.lento@frantsilanhyvanolonkeskus.fi
Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is a pioneer of organic herb growing and has been a natural health product manufacturer in Finland since 1981.

The Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is located 40km north west of Tampere, Finland. The area is environmentaly clean with a high percentage of organic farms adjoining the Frantsila property. The farm has been in the same family for at least 300 years. The growing of herbs on the farm started in 1981 when Virpi Raipala-Cormier and her husband Jim Cormier decided to establish a herbal centre on the family farm.

The philosophical base of Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is to do as much good as possible and to help uplift the overall physical, mental, and emotional health of the public with high quality Finnish organic herbal products and holistic health education.

Development of herbal medicines and other herbal products has been an ongoing process from the early days to present. More than 200 natural health products have been developed over the years.

Virpi and Jim have led Frantsila Herb Farm through various phases of development.

The early years were full of experimenting with different forms of organic growing. Many different types of medicinal plants were put through growing trials. The plants most suitable to the Finnish climate and those with the best medicinal quality were selected for growing and production.

The early years were also very busy with the development of an educational facility and educational programs to meet the thirst for knowledge of plants and healing. Frantsila School of Natural Healing was formed and continues schooling herbalists and other complementary medicine professionals.
Frantsila Well-being Centre is the heart of holistic treatments and also acts as welness center for visitors and groups.

The main aim in the processing of our products is to preserve the healing powers of Finnish plants as much as possible. Finland´s pure nature, biological farming and optimal timing of harvesting and processing ensure the effectiveness of our herbal products.”

By 1986 the public demand to visit the farm had grown to such an extent that an other centre in the beautiful riverside of Hämeenkyrö village was established to meet this need. A public herbal exhibition garden was established. In the same area a vegetarian cafe and a herbal health product shop
Frantsilan Kehäkukka were opened. Here lectures are given to the public on different herbal topics such as growing, plant medicine, herbal beaty treatment and culinary use.

By being a very dynamic company, Frantsila has won several awards for its contribution to the welfare of the community. Frantsila is networking also with other organic farmers and wildcrafters in Finland as well as natural, health shops, therapists, spas and holistic education professionals.

About the founder’s of Frantsila:
Virpi has worked with herbs since early childhood. She started making herbal tea mixtures and growing culinary herbs as a young girl. She has had a continual interest in herbal growing and herbal medicine throughout her life. She studied Agriculture at the University of Helsinki and graduated as an agronomist. Besides herbalism, she has studied homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences and traditional chinese medicine.

She has actively promoted organic growing methods and holistic views of life and all of Frantsila’s work is of course based on those principles.

Jim worked in gardens and was interested in nature since early childhood. His interest in medicinal plants blossomed after completing high school and before entering university. He studied Agriculture and selected Plant science as his area of study. Throughout the University time and afterwords his interest in herbal medicine grew.

Luckily Virpi and Jim found each other, so Frantsila could be established. Now Jim is leading the production and Virpi is responsible for product development and education.